The Trust Board

The Trustees are responsible for and oversee the management and administration of the Trust and must ensure it meets the object of the trust as set out in the Articles of Association. They are accountable to the Department for Education for the quality of education and are required to have systems in place through which they can assure themselves of quality, safety and good practice. The Trust is also accountable for the money it receives and must ensure it complies with the Funding Agreement and Academies Financial Handbook.–

The Members appoint the Trustees and in so doing seek to bring to the trust a wide range of expertise.

The Trust Board and the Audit Committee meet regularly. The schedule of their meetings and those of the Local Governing Bodies can be found here>

Schedule of Meetings 2019-20

 The Trustees are as  follows:

Michael Brady – Chair
Kate Atkins – Chief Executive & Accounting Officer
Jeremy Baker
Dominic Bergin
David Burke
Joan O’Mahony
Kate Scrase
Olushola Salako
Sarah Totham
Denys Wallace – Vice Chair
Claire Wren

Marc Rowland resigned as a Trustee with effect from 11 February 2020

 Attendance at meetings 2018-19

Board of Trustees
TrusteeMeetings attendedOut of a possible
Jeremy Baker48
Michael Brady78
Kate Atkins88
Dominic Bergin78
Sarah Horrocks58
Joan O’Mahony78
Marc Rowland58
Kate Scrase78
Sarah Totham88
Denys Wallace68
Audit Committee
TrusteeMeetings attendedOut of a possible
Joan O’Mahony33
Denys Wallace33
Mike Hirt (Chair & non Trustee)33


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